פאצ' don't skip leg day

פאצ' don't skip leg day

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פאצ' don't skip leg day

1. CROSSFITפאצ'ים נוספים:

2. CrossFit Forging Elite Fitness

3. I'm simple man i like boobs and weightlifting

4.Don't Skip Leg Day

5. I Love Burpee

6. Life is better with crossfit

7. I love Burpee - Black

8. I Love burpee - said no one ever

9. 3..2..1...go!

10. Act like a Lady Lift like a boss

11. Israel Flag

12. Squat Bench Deadlift

13. 21.15.9

14. WOD

15. no one wants to hear you talk about crossfit

פאצ' שני 15 ש"ח

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